Bender Jamboree Extender

Add dates to your reservation pre or post event!

You don’t have to go home, and you CAN stay here! Come in early and get your vacation headspace set well before the first note of music. Or stick around and unwind before you head back into normal life.

The extender price varies based on your package. You can add extender dates when you book your package or add them to your reservation at any time.

Pricing Breakdown:
$65 per night Single Occupancy Run of House
$65 per night Double Occupancy Run Of House
$65 per night North Tower
$90 per night Luxe Level North Tower
$65 per night South Tower
$125 per night Junior Suite North Tower
$90 per night 5th Floor Pool Level South Tower
$175 per night Mini Suite South Tower
$225 per night 1 Bedroom Suite South Tower
$165 per night Pool Patio Room South Tower
$350 per night Penthouse Suite
$325 per night 2 Bedroom Suite (4 people)
$500 per night Derby Suite
Prices include 13% Hotel tax & $18 Hotel Daily Resort fee