Some say they are from the future. Some say they are from another dimension. Some say they are a mind control plot perpetrated by the Illuminati. Most believe they were created in Area 51 by a secret government program in collaboration with entities from another world. The otherworldly dance music trio are known simply by the MEGA-SCOPES.

The story begins in 1977 when the research group SETI received an encoded radio message from a distant galaxy. It took the worlds best mathematicians a decade to decipher the message using the fastest supercomputers of the era. When the mystery was finally unlocked it was discovered to be genetic information encoded in a hyper-advanced multi-dimensional encryption technique known subsequently as 4D holographic encoding. Following lengthy negotiations between rival factions of the secret world government it was decided that the genetic information was to be used to create super soldiers by mixing the extraterrestrial DNA with DNA from earth animals. After many years of research and several failed attempts using large predatory animals such as lions, bears and great white sharks ultimately it was decided that the humble owl was the ideal animal to create an extraterrestrial hybrid because of it’s deadly stealth, night vision and excellent hearing. There was but one problem, the MEGA-SCOPES refused to be weaponized. Not only did they refuse to kill but they seemed to be singularly fascinated by earth’s music.

The MEGA-SCOPES sound is created by fusing the electronic rhythms of dance music, hip hop and trance with the organic warmth of acoustic instruments creating an ethereal blend that is both captivating and irresistible. Their music takes listeners on an interstellar journey through pulsating basslines, shimmering synths, and infectious grooves. The MEGA-SCOPES energetic and fun sound has been compared to contemporary bands such as The Floozies, Glitch Mob, Beats Antique and Big Gigantic.

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